by karrrmel


And so I find myself at the beginning of a new year. A fresh start one might say, but really its just another day.
I realize that in order for this year to be different then the last things (my perspectives/behaviors) inside me need to change.
It is amazing how a change in the way that you see things can open up the world ten fold to you.
I believe that the reason New Years Resolutions rarely pan out is because people don’t put a plan in place to see it succeed.
Resolutions seem to get stuck in the “thought” stage and don’t get to the action stage, at least not for very long.

I finished reading the book Tim Treliving wrote called Decisions, and it has inspired me to make better decisions this year.
I do overall make good decisions but I feel like I could improve by giving more conscious thought behind all my decisions.
I have a lot of re-solutions for 2013 but I also have a plan behind each one. I look forward to holding myself accountable and seeing them all through as my end goal is to push my quality of life even higher.

With that being said, good luck to everyone that is striving to be better and do better in 2013.