by karrrmel

So today I was going through my photography from highschool, and also found some other photos mixed in, one of which was of you. It brought back the memories of the short time we had spent together, and the day you were supposed to leave but ended up coming back, finding me and giving me this photo of you. You said some random girls with a instant kodak camera had taken your picture and you felt I should keep the photo. We then went on to watch a very memorable concert that night and ill never forget grasping hands and making our way through all the people so we could get up close. Then to stand close and enjoy the warm summer night with the star filled sky, and an amazing music performance. It was def one of the best weekends of my life. For that I thank you. IĀ never imagined a small 4×2 photo could bring back so much, but it has.

Pemberton Festival 2008